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Coachella Fashion 2014

April: the time of the year when spring starts, birds sing louder, bees sting, and allergies creep up on us. Sounds terrific, right? Don’t worry, April has its many perks and one of them is the highly anticipated annual Coachella Festival.

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is an annual two-weekend, three-day music and arts festival held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, located in the Inland Empire’s Coachella Valley in the Colorado Desert. The event features many genres of music, including rock, indie, hip hop, and electronic dance music, as well as art installations and sculpture exhibits.

As many enjoy the music that top charts artists  as well as growing bands artists perform, dressing at Coachella is an important factor. Although there is no set rule on how you dress, it would be pretty awkward walking around in just simple jeans and t-shirts. There’s an unwritten law for Coachella dressing and I can sum it up in two words: Mega Hippie

.Not only has the music festival become a model’s playground but it’s also a place where celebrities can flaunt their personal Coachella 2014 fashion when they’re not on the red carpet.Stars like Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Vanessa Hudgens and more have shown and proven to fans that they are true Coachella queens and understand the two word rule for fashion.

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Whether you are a celebrity or are  merely going to Coachella to have fun and see your favorite band live, always remember to try dressing  in maxi skirts, flower crowns, sandals, to bring out that inner free you, and of course, don a great smile. Fashion at Coachella is huge and adds to the atmosphere of an outstanding festival.


Leather and Lace

Who says you can’t be girly with a splash of edgy?

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With fashion trends evolving faster than one can keep up with, there are a variety of new trends each season. One of the biggest trends that never seems to go out of style is layering. In fact, mixing different elements such as fabric weights and textures is the recipe for beautiful layering. Now what, per se, is the best type of layering there is to create a wonderful fashion trend?

The answer is “leather and lace.” Face it; it’s the perfect combination of sweet innocence mixed with a dark, edgy vibe.

YouTuber and fashion blogger Evelina Barry knows what’s up when it comes to pairing leather with lace.

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“It creates the perfect balance of an edgy city girl that is confident in her style,” said Barry in one of her Fashion Cafe blog posts. Black and white do not necessarily have to be boring, at least not when you have colorfully dyed hair like Barry. Her lavender locks give a splash of color to her black and white outfits.

So what happens if you search up ‘leather and lace’ on fashion sites like Pinterest? You get tons of pins that revolve around leather and lace incorporated into one clothing piece; layering a leather jacket on top of a lace dress, which is how most fashionistas like to pair the frill and daring pieces.



From knee highs to thigh highs, socks complete outfits

Image courtesy of Youtuber Alexa LoseyJust like a flannel, various types of socks can be used to complete an outfit.

Is it winter but you want to wear a skirt? Throw on sheer black tights. Are you wearing shorts but want to go edgier? Pair some black knee highs with combat boots.

It doesn’t really matter the weather, because socks are super versatile when it comes to fashion.

When you think of the word socks, a mental image of white cloths that go over your feet appears. However, the fashion industry has taken a level up when it comes to the term socks.

Knee high socks or thigh high socks are currently favorites to most fashion gurus. They are completely versatile with its different lengths and designs, making them easy to complete any outfit.

One of the easiest ways to style knee highs is by wearing a dress. As long as the socks don’t clash with your outfit, you’re good to go.

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Most fashion gurus tend to style boots or platform heels with the same color as their tights or knee highs to create an illusion of longer legs.

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Besides dresses and skirts, you can also wear knee highs or thigh highs to make an outfit edgier. To accomplish that, just wear shorts instead of skirts and pair with black socks. On your feet, you may wear combat boots and even tie a flannel around your waist to make your style more edgy-chic.


Overall, socks can play a huge role in styling your outfits the right way. Even if they are not long enough to peek out of your boots or keep your legs warm when wearing a skirt or shorts, there are also ankle socks that can still be worn to complete an outfit.

Ruffles peaking out of your high top Converse are also cute and wearable.

If all the fashion gurus are sporting knee highs, chances are that they know what knee highs are a huge fashion trend to follow.

All Graphic Everything

Graphic shirts are a staple in high and low fashion. However in recent years, they have faded into the background as people begin to favor plain tops. As fashion takes a step back into the past, graphic tops are once again a craze that is easy to wear, casual, and simple, and occasionally artistic, witty, and quirky, bringing humor to a person’s daily life. Graphic tees give strangers a glimpse at the person the wearer is. Tees, tanks, and crew necks, among other things, can be found bearing quotes, phrases, or pictures at popular stores like Forever 21, Brandy Melville, Urban Outfitters, and Diamond. This type of shirt caters to a long range of personalities for girls: from the tomboy or the grungy-to-the-girly girls. This dynamic staple piece can be worn with skirts, jeans, or even sweats on especially lazy days, without looking distastefully undone. What makes this especially endearing is that graphic shirts are also staples for guys. For these reasons, I predict this trend will stay around for a long time.

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Aéropostale introduces new Bethany Mota collection

When entering the website for clothing store Aéropostale, you get the typical advertisement banners for their newest clothing and colorful and bold lettering to describe the sales that are currently going on. However, among the models and kaleidoscope of colors, there’s a small banner with the familiar face of beauty guru Bethany Mota, or more famously known as Macbarbie07, on it.

That’s right, you guessed correctly.

Mota has recently teamed up with Aéropostale to help sponsor her for her new self-titled clothing line. If you click on the banner, it leads you to a separate page dedicated specifically to help promote and excite fans of Mota. There’s even a countdown to The Bethany Mota Collection right on top of the page. There are currently 20 more days until her collection arrives exclusively in Aéropostale stores.

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In Mota’s Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas video on YouTube, Mota excitedly announced who she was going to partner up with to create her line.

“So one of my biggest concerns was finding a brand that would allow me to create the clothes that I would truly, absolutely love and also make them amazing quality and affordable prices for [viewers]. I’m just so happy that I had found a brand who has really listened to those concerns of mine and has been absolutely incredible.”

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It’s no doubt that Mota definitely loves her fans as she always keeps them in mind even when doing something as fabulous as designing her very own clothing line.

“When I’m designing, I really have in mind my viewers and my audience and the people that watch me. No matter what your style is and what you love, there’s something in it for you,” Mota said in Aéropostale’s Designing The Bethany Mota Collection at Aéropostale video.

So far there has been already two sneak peeks of Mota’s clothing line. By tweeting #MOREMOTA on Twitter, fans of MacBarbie07 can unlock the next four lookbooks. However, there needs to be a certain amount of tweets in order to unlock the next outfit each week.

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The Bethany Mota Collection is exclusively sold in Aéropostale stores and launches on December 8, 2013.